Tuesday, 31 August 2010


We stopped by at Amberly Museum today and visited the Print Works. They are home to a number of beautiful antique printing presses.

As I'm doing a Letterpress workshop next week at Harrington & Squires in London they were kind enough to show me around and give me a quick lesson in the history of Letterpress...

It's amazing how complicated and involved it used to be and crazy that all we have to do now is just press print on the computer. The finished product doesn't really compare though...Give me a letterpressed print any day!

Dave Sinfield (a former teacher at the LCP) showed me how to weld movable type together and even let me keep the final product. He told me that movable type was first invented in 1440 by Johannes Gutenberg which was considered a break through in modern technology at the time and led to the mass production of printed books.

To Letterpress an illustration you can expose your image onto a zinc plate (left) or onto a wooden block (Right) which is then printed onto paper using a letterpress...

Some other forms of printing back in the day were Intaglio Printing, Monotype Printing and Linotype printing.



I can't wait to learn more about the letterpress printing process next week! Maybe I'll even buy one of these...

8-5 Adana tabletop print press

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Proper pics!

These lovely pictures of my work were taken by fabulous photographer Gary Heasman.

Everything is handprinted at Paper Heart Studios. Website coming soon!!


'I like your tache'

'Ring a ding ding'

'You're just my cup of tea'

'Merci Beaucoup'


'Bow tie boy'

'New Home'

Set of 4 'Cherry notecards'

Pack of 6 'mixed bunch'
Set of 4 'Alice in Wonderland notebooks'

'Soho Heart'

'Bespoke Heart'


These Penguin classics clothbound books designed by Coraline Bickford-Smith are so beautiful. How all books should be! The Alice in Wonderland one is my favourite.

And something to look forward to...To celebrate the 70th anniversary of Scott Fitzgerald's death on 21 December 1940 these hard backs will be published in November. Just in time for Christmas!

The Great Gatsby, The Beautiful and Damned, The Collected Short Stories of F Scott Fitzgerlald, Flapper and Philosophers, The Last Tycoon, Tender is the Night and This Side of paradise are all part of the collection. 

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Liberty print suitcases!

I need these Liberty cases in my life...Floral Meadow Print Mini Suitcase, Liberty Print Suitcases

Day & Night

They're a mighty creative bunch at Pixar. I'm a bit in love with their new short film directed by Teddy Newton brought out for Toy Story 3, it's so sweet! Watch it here

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Print day!

What a productive day I had yesterday...

'Bespoke heart voucher'

'Bespoke Heart'

'You're just my cup of tea'

'Merci Beaucoup'

'Bella & Bello'

'Little man'

'Bow tie boy'

'Moustache man'