Friday, 31 August 2012


New Strong Man limited edition print and card. Screen printed in orange and black for all the strong men in your life! Available for purchase on my Etsy shop.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Cabin Fever

Great stress reliever courtesy of Cabin Porn. I think I'd spend much less time procrastinating on the internet if I lived in a cabin...

A-frame near Stykkishólmur, Iceland.
Piered cabin on the Kenai Peninsula, Alaska.
Boathouse in Öland, Sweden.
Fire lookout in the Cascade Mountains of Washington state.
Hiker’s hut in Valais, Switzerland.
Cottage in Western Illinois on the banks of the Mississippi River.
Garden cottage in The Netherlands.
Cabin in a dwarf redwood grove, central coast of California.
A-frame in Tripple Falls, Oregon.
Ladder House near Dale, Norway.
Green-trimmed cottage in midcoast Maine. Saving the best for last!


Picasso that is. @ The British Museum. Etchings made neoclassicism stylee (c.1930s) for the Vollard Suite, when he was shagging his muse and model Marie-Thérèse Walter. (I can see his willy).

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” Pablo Picasso

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Possible things to do when in Paris.

- take a real minute of silence in your local café
- break into dance in your local café
- run as fast as you can through Le Louvre 
- fall in love

Bande à part - Jean-Luc Godard

Friday, 17 August 2012

Peace & Love!

A stroll in Trafalgar Square after the olympics...


By Robert Montgomery. "He hijacks advertising space in the city, often illegally. He covers illuminated advertising billboards with austere black posters with white letters, which assume the colour of the ad posters underneath and take their light, parasitically. His texts are part poetry, part an enquiry into our collective unconscious."

Dashing watercolour purchased from The Art Car Boot Fair currently hanging in my dear friend's beautiful flat. Love this.

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Alternate Album Covers

Well nice re designs of album covers on Flickr...

Elliot Smith - Either/Or redesign

Lightnin' Hopkins edit

Hampton Hawes

Bob Dylan take 2

Bud Powell

Massive Attack - Blue Lines redesign

So frenchy so chic

Post Cards for Alpahville French film postcards - A Bout de Souffle by Ana Albero and 400 Blows by Jacqui Lee. Tres jolie...

Diane Arbus @ The Timothy Taylor

"...Every difference is a Likeness too. There are associations, groups, clubs, alliances, milieus for every one of them. And each milieu is a small world, a subculture with a slightly other set of rules for the game. Not to ignore them, not to lump them all together, but to watch them, to take notice, to pay attention..."

- Diane Arbus (March 14, 1923 – July 26, 1971)

Monday, 13 August 2012

Birdy blues save the dates and wedding invites...

Hand printed in blue and baby blue water based inks onto A6 size Fabriano Ecological paper for a Welsh country wedding next year. Check out some more here.