Saturday, 25 September 2010

Culture vulture!

I managed to get down to Origin craft fair in Old Spitalfields market on Thursday. Here are my favourite exhibitors...

The theme seems to be pins!

Debbie Smyth is a textile artist who uses just pins and cotton thread to create these unique pieces. It seems to be quite labour intensive but the final product is delightful.

I've got a thing for old maps so Claire Brewster's work caught my eye. She uses vintage maps and atlases taking inspiration from nature she cuts out lovely birds and flowers. Paper Heart approves.

I fell in love with these butterfly cut outs, Rebecca J Coles creates 3D shapes out of discarded paper to form this unique artwork. This piece was cut from a vintage comic book, so intricate and time consuming!

Here is my pal Teresa's stall. She had some delicious new tea towels on display.

More pins! These were interactive pieces consisting of balls on pins that you could play with. I love the colours in the first one.

I also popped over to London Tent in the Old Trewman Brewery but wasn't especially inspired by any of the stands apart from London time piece, they sell unique one of clocks, lovely lovely...

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