Monday, 22 April 2013

Pick me up 2013 - Picks!

I ventured out to Pick Me Up at Somerset House today, here's a look see...

Where are they Jean Jullien?
Rhona Garvin
Ping Zhu
Daniel Frost's 50's inspired illustrations...
Daniel Frost
Daniel Frost
Jasmine Hortop's Party Animals 
Jasmine Hortop's Party Animals
Lucy Sheridan (I had to buy tote bag of this!)
Lucy Sheridan - Prolonged Dachshund.
Alphabet by Malika Favre - So chic!
Thiband Herem hand draws buildings with incredible detail, I love Liberty, I love this print. 
Can't resist this lino print by John C Thurbin, check out the hard work HERE.
Crispin Finn's standard blue and red screen prints are ACE!
Mine's a Martini.

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